How it Works

How to Fill Your Growler


You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!  Just follow the simple 4 step process and start enjoying the “finest fresh beer around”.

First thing is to get off the couch and come on in, heck, we’ll even do all the work.

  • STEP 1: Pick one of our two sizes of growler bottles, 32oz/64oz
  • STEP 2: Choose from our 45/64 taps of the “freshest” high quality beer, cider, delicious sodas or our wines
  • STEP 3: Once you’ve decided on your beverage, we’ll fill it, seal it and it’s yours to take home and enjoy!
  • STEP 4: Once you and your friends have enjoyed the finest and freshest craft beer, bring your bottle back and start at STEP 1 and repeat again and again!


*Tactical Notes: 

If you already have a growler, bring it in! We’ll exchange it for a new clean one. Or even better – bring it in clean and get 5% off of your fill in that bottle! 

Don’t want to fill an entire 64oz the next time around? Don’t worry about it! You can switch back and forth between the 32oz bottle and the 64oz bottle at no charge!