Father’s Day Special!

FATHER’S DAY SPECIAL EVENT: From 1-5 on Sunday, June 16th, bring Dad to Just Tap’d for a Sampling Event!  For $12 Dad gets a Just Tap’d pint glass and a 64 oz. growler bottle.  The event includes 8 (free) 2 oz samples of anything he’d like to try (our regular samples are only about 1 oz)!!  What better way for Dad to try new things and help him decide what to fill in his 64oz bottle!!  The event will begin at 1 and end at 5!

2 Responses to “Father’s Day Special!”

  1. Jim Vallin

    We were wondering if we can use our own growlers. They are the type that has the Grolsh porcelain tops and are 64oz.. Jim v


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