Not sure what to do this weekend – Just ask Cliff!

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“Greetings, my friends! We are all interested in the future because that is where we are going to spend the rest of our lives.”

So, with that out of the way, I have the perfect weekend planned for those of you in the Dog Pound—you know who you are! Yep, I have planned the perfect weekend for you! Rejoice!!

STEP 1: Friday after work, stop into Just Tap’d for a growler of your favorite brew. Partake in our Weinstephan tap takeover and gather some goodies! Enjoy a zesty pint or two of Macon Progress or our house brew during a backyard barbeque at home with the family? Perhaps a limited-release double IPA for when you’re in the garage with the hood up tinkering around with “Gladys–The Master-Cylinder From Hell”. A robust Barley wine and some cigars enjoyed over a few hands of Texas Hold ‘em? It’s been a long week and you deserve it…enjoy the night!

STEP 2: Saturday evening requires, once again – ARGH!—going to Just Tap’d, this time for a sampler flight. Choose your brews wisely as a few may go quick! Your highly-trained beer sherpas will help you along on your journey to enlightenment. Just relax and say, “Om!”

STEP 3: OK, so after enjoying your crafty beverage sampler, simply point your designated driver in the general direction of The Hangar Bar and Grill. Upon your arrival, you may order up yet another cold and tasty brew, or ask your attentive staff for a menu. Gazing upon the menu, you will discover their fine range of snacks, appetizers, wings…even steak! Yum! Me? I’m a wing guy!

STEP 4: Our evening’s festivities continues when one of Cliff’s (that’s me!) many musical endeavors, “The Legendary Big Hairy Monster Show”, takes The Hangar’s stage at 9:17pm or thereabouts. They will perform hit music for your dining and dancing pleasure with top toe-tapping tunes ranging from Queen to Rehab, Rush to Macklemore, with just enough Doors, Muse, Black Keys, and Peter Gabriel tunes to keep you mildly amused, if not enthralled. Hell, we will play anything if you write it on a $5.00 bill! Ever hear a cover band do Bohemian Rhapsody? Neither have we, but we will attempt it none the less! Non-smoking, family-friendly, no cover, and NO SOUTHERN ROCK!!!

All right already, enough of my gratuitous plugging! Whatever you do, go and enjoy your weekend, but do so while supporting local businesses and performers. Don’t forget the occasional tip…we have those Lambo payments to make! Mine has a carbon fiber can holder. JOY!

Be safe, be sound, and be happy!

Pax vobiscum…“And remember my friends that future events such as these will occur in the future.”

Clifford T.

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