Why come to Just Tap’d?

We have a variety of beverages, from beer to ciders to premium soft drinks made with wholesome ingredients.  These are all available to be taken home and enjoyed in various different sized growlers, or to drink in!  We are the first Growler shop in Georgia to be able to serve on premise also!

6 Responses to “Why come to Just Tap’d?”

  1. Just Tap'd

    Yes, you can bring any container you’d like and we will fill it. However, we would advise to stick with traditional beer growler bottles as they are usually amber (brown looking) which filters out the harmful ultraviolet Sun rays and can be sealed to keep the beer fresh.

  2. Pam

    Hey guys,
    Chef Kevin tell us that you make awesome artesian pizzas.
    What other food is on your menu?

  3. Chuck Kline

    I am going to be visiting Macon and I am planning to come to your place, are the growlers able to transport back to Halifax Nova Scotia Canada?

    • Just Tap'd

      Hi Chuck,
      As long as you keep the growlers in a cooler, transporting a growler is no problem as far as the beer is concerned. The bigger issue however is whatever regulations exist about transporting beer across state lines, and ultimately transporting beer into Canada. I am not familiar with those regulations, so I cannot give you any advice there. But we look forward to seeing you soon!


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