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Peter Mertes - Willamette, Oregon
Crisp, clean with floral and fruit aromas. 6/9/18


Avia Sweet Red - Slovenia
Easy drinking, ripe berry and jam flavor. 5/8/15

Lange Twins Moscato - Lodi, California
Apricot and sweet aromas and flavors are dominant while honey and
orange blossom notes are more subdued. 7/10/21

Floré de Moscato - California
Distinctive and refreshing with hint of citrus. 8/11/24

Alasia Moscato D’asti - Piedmont, Italy
Semi-sweet, low alcohol wine with light bubbles. 9/12/27


Still Pond Confederate Peach - Georgia
Peach flavored Muscadine wine bursting with flavor. 8/11/24

Still Pond Blackberry Bliss - Georgia
A full-bodied blackberry flavored muscadine wine. 8/11/24


OOPS Sauvignon Blanc - Chile
Intense fruit aromas and crisp taste. 7/10/21

Sand Point - California
Fresh and fragrant with honey dew and Meyer lemon flavors. 8/11/24

Fernhook - Marlborough, New Zealand
Easy drinking dry wine with fruit flavors. 10/13/30


Avia - Slovenia
White peach and green apple flavors. 5/8/15

Mirabello - Vento, Italy
Fresh dry wine with gentle floral and citrus aromas. 6/9/18

Marc Cellars - California
Ripe pineapple, pear flavors. 8/11/24

Del Rio - Oregon
Crisp and refreshing flavors of pineapple, peach and melon. 11/14/33


Peter Mertes - Germany
Light bodied and slightly sweet white peach flavors. 6/9/18


Chilensis Reserva - Aconcagua, Chile
Aromas of peach and tropical fruits. 9/12/27

Fable Chardonnay - California
Romantic flavors of pear, apple, and citrus. 10/13/30

Pozzan Annabella - Napa Valley, California
Rich and clean balance of fruit and oak. 10/13/30


Loureiro Vinho Verde Portugal
Deliciously zesty flavors of fresh fruit with a slight amount of effervescence. 7/10/21

ROSÉS 6oz / 9oz / Bottle

Mirabello Rose -Vento, Italy
Fresh strawberry aromas with red berry flavor. 6/9/18

99 Vines - California
Blush pink color with strawberry and melon notes. 7/10/21

Cuvelier Los Andes - Mendoza, Argentina
Fruit explosive with jammy and rose notes. 10/13/30

Left Coast Rose of Pinot Noir - Willamette, Oregon
Pale pink color with cherry and orange tea flavors. 13/16/39

REDS 6oz / 9oz / Bottle

Red Blend

Annabella Red Blend - California
Notes of black cherry and raspberry backed up notes of roasted coffee 11/14/33

Sweet Red

Still Pond Savannah River - Georgia
Smooth red muscadine wine with pure honey. 8/11/24


Campus Oaks Old Vine - Lodi, California
Signature medium bodied wine with rich strawberry flavors. 9/12/27


Cuvelier Colección - Mendoza, Argentina
Well balanced with touches of freshness. 14/17/42


Sand Point - Lodi, California
Raspberry fruit and vanilla aromas lead to pleasant dark cherry flavor 8/11/24


Heavy Weight - Lodi,California
Big bold wine with bold color and balanced tannins. 8/11/24

Vina Robles - Lodi,California
Full Bodied wine with dark cherry flavor and sweet rich tannins 15/18/45


Stafford Hill - Willamette, Oregon
Aromas of red and black cherries with subtle spices. 12/15/36